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Tom Holland: Marvel needs more LGBT characters


The 23-year-old actor said Marvel needs more LGBT people (homosexual, bisexual and transgender) because “this world is very diverse, not just around white men”.
In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, the reporter asked Tom Holland “what to think if the Spider-Man character is gay”. Not only support, he also suggested that Marvel (MCU) cinema universe should diversify the character lines to match reality.

“I cannot talk about the future of characters because it is beyond my control. However, I know quite well about the future of MCU and they will definitely add more representative groups of characters over the next few years, “said Tom Holland.

“This world is not simply about white men. It is more diverse than that. So we need more than one type of character, ”he added.

MCU is the most successful superhero series today and has a global influence on many different audiences. However, members of the Avengers superhero team are mostly white men except Black Widow. Recently, Avengers have added Black Panther and Captain Marvel – the first MCU film revolving around a woman. This move has received many compliments but still considered insufficient.

Not long ago, Kevin Feige – Chairman of Marvel Studios – revealed that the next phase of MCU will appear the first public LGBT characters. “We are confident to say that this is happening and there will be more LGBT superheroes in the future,” he told page i09.

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