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Ossan’s Love 2 is coming!


According to the news yesterday, fans of Ossan’s Love can start to wait for the sequel to come. However, it’s gonna be a film this time just like Crossing The Line 2. It will be in theaters in summer, 2019.

They’re still working on the script but the basic storyline is about the time after Haruta goes to Shanghai and how he’s gonna propose to Maki after chief keeps pushing him to do it.

Kei Tanaka (Haruta) said, “It’s hard to have a sequel in the format of dramas after we finished it like it’s the end of the story. But it will be a lot different if we do it in the format of films ‘cuz we can film somethineg new. Their love pattern has already completed. If we didn’t start from there, it’d be meaningless.”

“In the hope of surpassing the drama, it’s amazing to finish the sequel in the format of films. To do it like it’s the end.”

2019 is gonna be a fantastic year for all the BL fans.

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