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Taiwan BL | Dark Blue and The Moonlight 深藍與月光


“Dark Blue & The Moonlight” is a new Taiwan bl webseries directed by the director of “Obsessed.” The series will be released in October. Rumor has it that there will be 12 episodes in total. Furthermore,

English name : Dark Blue & The Moonlight – 深藍與月光
Year : 2017
Region:  Taiwan
Language: Chinese
Sub tittle : none
Credit : Adam Uni
Staring : 王庭勻 (Tom), 陳彥名 (Aric Chen) 黃庭軒 (Tim Huang), 林柏叡 (Charles), 詹雅涵 (Jennifer)

History webseries season 2 has started shooting this month and there are 3 brand new stories like the first season. The 3 stories are 1. The romance between a young guy and a mature man. 2. The relationship between a police officer and a gangster. 3. The romance happens when a hooligan becomes a volleyball player. CHOCO TV added that season 2 would come out the end of this year.

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