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[Season 2] My Bromance the movie – พี่ชาย


English name : My Bromance the movie 2
Year : updating…
Other name : พี่ชาย
Starring:  Pat Theeravachirakul (Golf), Fluke Pongsatorn (Bank)
Region:  Thailand
Language: Thai

5 Comments on [Season 2] My Bromance the movie – พี่ชาย

  1. ohh shit! well, i am actually excited for these. hoping to watch it sooooon.

  2. But didn't he die at the end of the first movie? (donating the kidney etc?) Or did i mix something up???

  3. Hey, im so exited i never imagine there would be a second part omg how can i find it?
    really wanna watch it.
    This movie means a lot to me <3

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