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[Engsub] Happy Together 同樂會 (Tong Le Hui)

Benny is a pasty chef in his own cafe. 6 years ago, Benny fell in love with Alex after having one of his macarons. Having been in a relationship for so long, they are closer than ever, just like a family. Alex has a dream to form a family unit with Benny while Benny is a strong believer of freedom of romance (without marriage perhaps).

English name : Happy Together 
Year : 2015
Total episode : 15
Other name : 同樂會 (Tong Le Hui)
Starring:  利晴天  Li Qing Tian as Alex, 陳景煬  Chen Jing Yang as Benny
Region:  Taiwan
Language: Chinese
Sub tittle : Engsub
This is a story of 6 people living under the same roof. It involves friendship, love and kinship. It also brings the wonderful and crazy moments of their daily lives.




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