2Moons The Series Godt and Bas in Fitting Phana and Wayo


English name : 2 Moons the series
Year : 2017
Other name : เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน
Actor/ Actress : 
Author: Chiffon_Cake
Region:  Thailand
Language: Thai
Sub tittle : updating…

==> [EngSub] 2 Moons The Series | Interview Bas (Wayo) and Godt (Phana) <==
==> Official trailer <==
==> OST Song <==



2 thoughts on “2Moons The Series Godt and Bas in Fitting Phana and Wayo

  1. hi can we request please to send us into my email and facebook a continuation of movie titled: '' 2 MOONS THE SERIES '' were waiting the episode 3 ,a full video, no cut with english translation. hoping reply to my facebook or email.

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